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  • Hitlers Peace
  • A Philosophical Investigation
Hitler's Peace

What if Hitler had bargained for peace?

In the fall of 1943, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin mean in Teheran to determine the endgame of the war. But what if Hitler, canny enough to realize he could no longer win the war, was putting out peace feelers? And what if his secret offer threatened to do what his armies could not: destroy the alliance against him? The latest novel from the author of the celebrated Berlin Noir trilogy, Hitlerís Peace delves into just such murky waters and, as the players and their surrogates deal and double-deal, Kerr ratchets up the tension even as his ticking time bomb of a plot challenges our deepest notions of good and evil, ends and means.

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Nazi Germany is Kerrís protagonist [and] Hitlerís Peace is a cunning what-if riff. ... Yes, itís actually thrilling. And it will rush to make you read his Berlin Noir trilogy.
A scandalous yet plausible scenario . . . A thriller [in which] the historical dice are well shaken.
Los Angeles Times
[Kerr] quantum leaps the limitations of genre fiction. Most thrillers insult your intelligence; Kerr assaults your ignorance